MidSchoolMath in the News
  • Here’s what Teachers are saying about MidSchoolMath Professional Development programs:

    “My experience at the forum was extraordinary and the setting was incomparable. For me, the most important takeaway was a reminder of the dedication of teachers to their professional development and their desire to impact the lives of their students!”

    “I have never gone to professional development training of this kind. This experience was world class! I leave absolutely excited about my classroom creating our own Common Core lessons and research projects. I was blown away by the projects developed at the forum!”

    "I really enjoyed the forum. I loved sharing ideas and working together. I learned a lot from my co-workers, and we learned a lot about teaching from you and the other teachers."

    “I feel that a new math culture with fun, engaging activities that are rich in content is the way to go in teaching mathematics. This is definitely new for me.”

    “[Math’s] a subject I fear. I don't feel math confident, but seeing this plan to transform the classroom, I have hope for my child, my nieces and the students in school now. The forum was inspiring and I came home feeling like I could help make a difference in my school.”